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Teaching Children Effectively
Level 2

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TCE 2 Whatcom County

TCE 2 Whatcom County

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TCE ™ Level 2

This course is designed to provide information and practical methods which will enable the student to effectively guide the saved child in progressive spiritual growth. The course is based on the premise that effective teaching of the Word of God produces change. Students gain skills that will enable them to offer practical help to children as they develop their personal relationship with God.

TCE Level 1 focuses on teaching an evangelistic Bible lesson while TCE 2 focuses on teaching the saved child.

Two evaluated practicum sessions are included within the course. Five additional required teaching sessions with children enhance the classroom study.

Course topics include:

  • General Concepts of Spiritual Development

  • Growth Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation

  • Teaching the Message of Salvation in the Class Hour

  • Basic Needs of the Child

  • Teaching Confession of Sin

  • The Saved Child's Devotional Life

  • Developing the Child's Appreciation of God

  • Being a Witness for God

  • Teaching Missions

  • Christian Conduct

  • The Ministry of Teaching

  • Use of Objectives in Teaching

  • Motivating Faithful Attendance


Enrollment prerequisites:

  • Present a TCE Level 1 certificate

  • Be a born-again Christian

  • Be at least 15 years of age

  • Be willing to participate in all class activities including practicum sessions


All course instructors specialize in children's ministry and are trained and certified by CEF Inc.


No dates currently scheduled.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending!

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